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Friday, 17 June 2011

Battle Field In Stiletto's

I walked in expecting a pyramid. A busy, crowded, ruthless workplace where everyone was reaching for that one, top spot. I suppose I watched ‘ The Devil Wears Prada’ a little bit too much…
But I was pleasantly surprised with the sisterly atmosphere not only amongst the co-workers but with Melissa as part of the sisterhood, I suppose it was clear she was the ‘elder sister’ – well she is the boss! But sometimes she’s cracking jokes and it creates such ease that any fear of having the boss walk into the room disappears – unlike in ‘Devil Wears Prada’ hahhaha! No! Seriously, you can almost forget that she’s THE Melissa Odabash who’s running the show, the woman’s whose name is on the tags I was putting on all the sample pieces.
Well, I counted stock, changed mannequins for suppliers, loaded and unloaded boxes, got references for Melissa, interview ideas, steamed silks and linens, worked a little in advertisement, sent pieces to magazines and even called FHM!
I have to say I appreciate the fact that I wasn’t used as a runner, rather than making tee’s and coffee’s, fetching their papers, clearing their messes ect. I was given real responsibility and work. I was given the opportunity to sit in meetings with international suppliers, which was a great way of learning the way a business works, how pitches are made, problems both companies could face and how to close the deal. I did something I’d always wanted to do, use creative writing and write a piece, it may not have been a 2 page article but it was my own piece of writing now posted on the Melissa Odabash blog so yes, I did run home telling my mother to go online and ‘READ! READ! READ!’
MOST importantly, the most useful thing I learnt, something I can take on and use in my everyday life, is that putting maple syrup in salad makes it ten times better. Something my ‘sister’ Daniela made me try.
So interning at Melissa Odabash was not a battle field in stiletto’s like I expected- maybe even anticipated a little, it was even better and I’d be disappointed if I took another internship somewhere else and it was any different.